CREOpoint is an AI-driven network of local trusted experts acting for peace & freedom and against knowledge integrity risks 

Inspired by Sr Jackie Stewart, 3 times F1 World Champion, we are very focused on speed and safety.

You could also benefit from the best of artificial & human intelligence to quickly and safely address the challenges of disinformation and information overload.

CREOpoint helps leaders rapidly mitigate the irreversible damage of harmful disinformation and manipulated videos.

Act before the harm is done: quickly benefit from a dynamic content veracity score crowdsourced from trusted experts pre-identified by AI (Patent US10747837). 

CREOpoint conveniently delivers intelligence that matters when it matters.

Clients tell us they never have enough time and are anxious also since what they don’t know can hurt them. We get this.

CREOpoint helps you recover your peace and undivided attention. We bust doom scrolling duplicate “news”, echo chambers, and filter bubbles. You can then leverage your newfound time for reflection and preparation also for the imaginable.

Benefit from patented solutions co-developed with clients including BNP PARIBAS, CBRE, DIOR, EY, GE, GM, IEEE, KPMG, L'ORÉAL, ROEDERER, and SNCF (Patent US10223465).

Contact us if you’d like to simplify access to personalized intelligence about:

  • Brands to be protected (e.g., French unicorns, LVMH brand ambassadors)
  • Personalities (e.g., French presidential candidates, Elon Musk and Ukraine, former Psdt Trump & the Jan. 6th insurrection)
  • Your key topics (e.g., oligarchs, logistics, smart cities, AV, 5G…)
  • Events you may not be able to attend (e.g., MIPIM, Cannes World AI Festival, VivaTech)

The underlying relational databases with the extraction of named entities (brands, locations, journalists, and experts) may also be available to partners.

CREOpoint seeks action-oriented partners to scale its technologies

Also depending on the project and the capacity of your organization, CREOpoint's intellectual property may be available under royalty-free license by NGOs, non-profit organizations, and universities for strictly non-commercial purposes until 2030.

Journalists are free to contact us or reuse this quote

“Humanity needs an antidote to the weaponization of algorithmically-amplified politicized news that mutates at an alarming speed” commented Jean-Claude Goldenstein. The Franco-American entrepreneur leads an AI-driven network protecting brands against knowledge integrity risks. “Quickly reacting to contain damaging viral disinformation before irreversible harm is done? That’s not the way it works today. A sharper focus can help more quickly contain the fast-moving Ukraine, COVID, and related crises. Emphasis on quick assessments from context-relevant, pre-identified experts are key to early interventions to combat information warfare”  

Who we are

CREOpoint was founded and funded by executives with a broad range of backgrounds and expertise across:

  • Consulting (EY, PwC, WPP)
  • Media (Facebook, The FT, Hearst, OVH, RTS)
  • Software (Dassault Systèmes, Orange, OVH, Uber)
  • Fintech (BNP Paribas, Schroder, CBRE, NAI Global)
  • Regulatory (The European Commission, Schiff Hardin)
  • Health (GE Healthcare, Kantar, Novartis)
  • Industry (United Technologies, Alstom, SNCF, LVMH)