Tracking the impact of breaking key events (learn more by clicking the links below)

When: As soon as a new issue emerges, ideally proactively before

  • DisinfoIntelligence.com was launched to stand with the brave President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine. We quickly shined a light on Putin’s weaponized news & manipulated videos. This builds on CREOpoint intelligence on “Trump & Russia” since 2015, as well as our research and patents 2016-2021 to combat the propagation of disinformation accelerated by social media platforms.
  • OmicronIntelligence.com was launched as soon as Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chairwoman of SAMA, bravely alerted the world about the new variant
  • This novel initiative was inspired by our pro bono work to help a task force innovating for IEEE about the ethics of COVID Exposure Notifications. We are grateful to them as well as too many friends to thank personally,

Why: What matters when it matters. And nothing else. 

  • Get peace of mind: don’t miss out on something you are expected to know 
  • Save precious time: no more endless scrolling and deafening noise
  • Contain viral disinformation: before the harm is done on social media. 

24/7 curated news and real-time insights & visualizations are delivered to CREOpoint clients upon request. 

What: come for intelligence and stay for networking

CREOpoint offers the network of experts power by unique relational databases focused on key topics. The access is free for the common good: 

  • It already contains 100+ million words published by 1,000s of external structured information outlets + 100s of research and story angles.
  • CREOpoint identifies & prioritizes on-record sources such as real trusted experts, political figures, and organization heads
  • How else could you harness the power of collective intelligence to contain the infodemic and power your open innovation, content marketing, and CRM? 
  • Risk mitigation thanks to proprietary CREPOpoint AI extraction of 100s of brands, executives, and brand ambassadors impacted
  • Ability to search and filter relevant articles

24/7 news and real-time insights & visualizations are delivered to CREOpoint clients and partners upon request

How: The best of artificial & human intelligence

CREOpoint has developed unique, patented AI systems to follow a topic, brand, personality, or impactful event, and: 

  • Uniquely simplify access to our clean and searchable river of deduped news in English or French (Patent US10223465). 
  • Pre-identify and prioritize the most cited experts, media, journalists, geographies, and brands 
  • Enable a quick crowdsourced veracity score for breaking content (Patent US10747837).

For who: Leaders and top journalists


CREOpoint has confidentially developed personalized apps for leaders in Sports & Entertainment, Business, and Politics

Boris Johnson looking at his personalized CREOpoint app with JC Goldenstein

You could enjoy your own app for a one-time development fee:

  • Unlimited use within your organization
  • Your personal unlimited access to the underlying knowledge base with the best 24/7 intelligence of the last 12 months
  • For software improvements and regular intelligence updates, you will be invoiced a 15% maintenance fee

Join our waitlist by advising us of your search query

Here's a sample of intelligence CREOpoint delivered:

  • Autonomous buses (for SNCF)
  • Body spray (for L’Oreal)
  • Cristal (for Roederer Champagne)
  • Green buildings (for GE Capital)
  • Lehman Brothers lawsuit (for EY)
  • Office deals (for Newmark)
  • Sovereign funds (for Real Capital Analytics)
  • Stem cell research (for Forde & Mollrich Political Consultants and Sean Parker, founder of Napster and first Facebook president)
  • Syrian refugees in Lebanon (pro bono for Ray Debaune of Invus and "Action against Hunger")
  • The future of luxury (for LVMH)

After the first customized app, companies who want to be "prepared to be unprepared" can upgrade to the CREOpoint corporate plan for a bundle of new topics each quarter.

Contact us for your own app store 

Who else helped

We express our gratitude to friends who made this possible:

  • Adam Minich of Airtable
  • Ali Hessami of IEEE
  • Amod Dange, former Director of Design at Facebook
  • Claire Atkinson, media editor at Insider and former NBC
  • Darren Humphries of ReadyApps
  • David Kirkpatrick of Techonomy
  • Dominique Lahaix of eCairn
  • Evan Ahlers and Eriyon Cruz of BuzzSomo (Brandwatch/Cision Group)
  • Florence Aufaure, former deputy editor at LCI TV
  • Guillaume Chaslot of AlgoTransparency
  • Guy Riviere of Scepter
  • Michael Dunham, former chair of the Computer Committee of the American IP Law Association
  • Peter Grant, Editor at the Wall Street Journal
  • Roger McNamee, legendary investor and author of “the Facebook Catastrophe”

And CREOpoint stakeholders:

  • Bertrand Petit, founder of Innocherche and former CTO of Alstom Transport
  • Cecile Rothschild of Create
  • David Luttway of Pitco former Schroder’s
  • Diego Diaz, VP International at SNCF (a former client)
  • Dr. Alain Mandrino (a former client)
  • Dr. Guillaume Bouchard of CheckStep, former CEO of Bloomsbury AI (sold to Facebook)
  • Dr. Hatem Hamza (now also a LVMH Data Scientist)
  • Dr. Michel Murino, former WPP
  • Ed Finn, Kaimar Koemets and Janno Järv, co inventors
  • James E. Searing, CREOpoint cofounder and former head of International and Innovation at EY (a former client)
  • Jean-Luc Berry, former VP R&D Dassault Systemes
  • Jean-Christophe Ordonneau of Melcion
  • Jeff Finn, former client at NAI Global
  • Laurent Lehman former client at CBRE
  • Lionel Richaud of BBR
  • Mary Beth Broussard former Steelcase
  • New hires Abdellah El Benna and Ilan Luttway
  • Paul Danks, former client at BNP Paribas
  • Sara Chesters of Doctors without borders
  • Steve Rainier of Rainier Communications, 4 times technology PR firm of the year
  • Sylvain Ardiet, former Alphaserve
  • Pat Brennan, former FT