• Get your own “sur mesure” portal and app: one-time development and maintenance fee (please advise your search query for unlimited personal test/use) 
  • Free: or developed pro bono


  • Contact us for your own app store with a bundle of channels per quarter so you are "prepared to be unprepared" 
  • CREOpoint licenses its patented technology to contain disinformation and nefarious deepfakes to scale solutions and mitigate damage. 
  • Royalty-free use by NGOs, foundations, non-profits, and universities.

CREOpoint has developed unique, patented AI systems to follow a topic, brand, personality, or impactful event, and: 

  1. Uniquely simplify access to our clean and searchable river of deduped news in English or French (Patent US10223465). 
  2. Pre-identify and prioritize the most cited experts, media, journalists, geographies, and brands 
  3. Enable a quick crowdsourced veracity score for breaking content (Patent US10747837).